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Unsurpassed Absorption, Sustainably Sourced, Encapsulation Technology

Mi Healthy Cells
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   "Changing the world one drop at a time."

Doctor's Desk

Mi Healthy Cells Advanced Cellular Nutrition aims to revolutionize health with natural products designed to improve our body’s performance and enhance your natural beauty. We believe in the body`s ability to repair itself when provided with the proper nutrients, exercise, and diet. Nourishing your cells properly creates the best environment for healing beauty and mental health.

Benefits of our Encapsulation Technology

· Massive increase in absorption rate
· Smaller dose, rapid onset, and greater efficacy
· Perceivable cost-savings

Mi Healthy Cells Advanced Cellular Nutrition essence is devoted to helping people understand our advanced technology, keeping our products clean and natural, and educating the consumer about healthy and effective strategies to live a longer healthier life.

Optimal health is a conscious decision in the world

today, and we invite you to join us on the journey.

With Gratitude,


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Hemp Derived CBD 

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Unrelenting Beauty

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We believe

We believe in the power of human potential. Each of us is born with it. Each of us carries Qi energy to enlighten and empower ourselves. Our bodies are made up of 50 trillion cells; how do you feed them?  Awakening and maintaining our cellular structure requires nutrients that nourish our cells directly via absorption,. By using Mi Healthy Cells Advanced Cellular Nutrition and beauty enhancement products, you are providing your cells with unsurpassed bioavailability.  Our tinctures dosing starts with 2-4 drops daily.  

Our 10mL water-soluble encapsulation technology works by feeding your cells without losing any of the nutrients along the way.  Our sustainable sourcing honors the earth, and our products are natural, without any added chemicals, dyes, parabens, sulfites, or preservatives.  

Mi Healthy Cells can help to ensure that you receive the maximum effects necessary to improve your health, regeneration, and overall well-being with our essential nutrients. We believe in “healing the world one drop at a time.”


Patty Jaglinski, Morganton , NC

I can testify that this works.... amazing stuff!   I have tried so many anti-inflammatory remedies, without the slightest relief.  With MHC  Curcumin tinctures my back pain has significantly been reduced to levels of comfort I haven't had in 10 years.   I am now back in the garden planting my veggies and having fun with my grandson.

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