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Our Team

Christine R. Henderson
Founder / Managing Partner

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Christine Henderson has served the better part of her adult years as a Philanthropist and in Humanitarian aid in countries including the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Haiti, and the US. During her travels, she applied her expertise to help educate people about nutrition and conscious living.   She has dedicated her life to making a difference in the world in many ways. In addition, Christine has also owned three (3) successful businesses in the food industry, which once more opened her path to embrace the study of quantum physics, energy healing, and an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Christine believes that healing comes from within, both spiritually and physically.

Some of Christine’s passions and personal achievements include flying prop planes, PADI scuba diving certification, QiGong Certification, and others.  She has a zest for living, the gratitude to appreciate all of life’s wonders, and a huge heart that has made helping others a way of life for her.

As her journey progresses, she continues to make a difference through wellness and conscious living.   Currently, Christine is a managing partner of Mi Healthy Cells Advanced Cellular Nutrition. Her goal is to “Heal the world one drop at a time” with extraordinary, all-natural products with increased absorption of nutrients, improving health, wellness, and quality of life.

Josh Hoffman
Cheif Education Officer/Managing Partner

Josh Hoffman

Josh Hoffman is an entrepreneur with a passion for the health and wellness industry. Even during a busy 13-year career with a Fortune 10 company, his life always centered around exercise and a holistic approach to addressing today's many health challenges. 

His work experiences include roles in sales and sales management training, ebusiness consulting, to Chief Education Officer of a successful cannabis start-up prior to becoming a managing partner at Mi Healthy Cells Advanced Cellular Nutrition. His ability to communicate and translate complex subjects into layperson's terms and to develop people into professional and productive sales leaders has served him throughout his career. He is now putting all of his talents, efforts, and brain power into ensuring that Mi Health Cells Advanced Cellular Nutrition becomes a sustainable household name brand nationally and internationally, offering superior leading-edge products that will positively impact people's health and well-being.  

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