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Founded in 2021, when the world was at a standstill, we embarked on a journey to create a paradigm shift in nutraceuticals and health and beauty products. We wanted to radically improve product quality, efficacy, and transparency in a billion-dollar, unregulated industry. It was from this powerful and unwavering desire that Mi Healthy Cells Advanced Cellular Nutrition was born. 


Mi Healthy Cells Advanced Cellular Nutrition promises to deliver products backed by science while never compromising the extremely high standards we expect from ourselves and our products. As category creators in the nutraceuticals and CBD market, we pride ourselves on unsurpassed absorption, purity, rigorous third-party testing, and safe and effective formulations. We aim to be the bridge between Western medicine and functional medicine, providing therapeutic products that can be used as an adjunct to traditional pharmaceuticals without harmful side effects or addictive properties. Leading the world with the most bioavailable products today, these are Mi Healthy Cells Advanced Cellular Nutrition extraordinary standards you can always count on. 

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When we ingest a vitamin, nutraceutical or a CBD product, its potency is almost immediately reduced thanks to a process known as First Pass Metabolism, where the ingredients are transported to the liver through the hepatic vein, and the degradation process begins. After the first pass effect, the ingredients continue through our digestive processes, where acids and enzymes break down the nutritional value further, until they finally reach our bloodstream. Low oral absorption and low water-solubility  contribute to the poor bioavailability of nutritional supplements. In essence, 80% - 90% of the ingredients we ingest are wasted and fail to be absorbed into our cells. 
History has shown that capsules and tablets are not ideal forms for the absorption of vitamins. Nor does water and oil (fat) mix, and since a majority of vitamins and most hemp-derived CBD products are fat-soluble, manufacturers use MCT oil as a 'carrier' because they are lipophilic, meaning they are attracted to the fat lipids in the oil, which helps increase absorption, but only nominally. We recognized the challenges with poor absorption and found a 'breakthrough' solution. ​


Mi Healthy Cells utilizes a proprietary encapsulation technology that turns fat-soluble ingredients into water-soluble ingredients, increasing their absorption to levels previously unattainable in the vitamin and supplement industry. Our encapsulation technology creates a "skin" around the ingredients to protect them until they are delivered directly into the cell, without any loss of nutrients along the way. 

Formulated by scientists in an ISO / Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) compliant lab, all our products are independently third-party tested using the "full panel" Gold Standard for testing; therefore, all of our products are guaranteed to be free of toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and mold. Mi Healthy Cells provides transparency in a mostly unregulated industry based on our ethical and holistic approach.

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